Health Department

The CNBC Health Department seeks to offer affordable services to the rural communities. It is developing its health programs at Bouba 3 in the South West Region, Ajung and Anjang both in Boyo Division of Cameroon. Much work is underway in this area. The health services are run by its developmental arm, Association of Baptist Christians for Development (ABCD). It is directed by Mr. Akom Elijah. (See

The Educational Department

Promotes nursery, Primary, Secondary and Textiary Education in Cameroon. CNBC has three colleges, Acha Baptist College in Belo, Akeh Baptist College in Fundong Central Sub Division and Christ The King Baptist High School Fundong. It has 17 primary schools scattered all over Boyo. The chairman of the Educational Department is Mr. Fointama James.

Evangelism and Missions

CNBC promotes Evangelism throughot Cameroon. Cameroon has been carved out into six areas and given to the 6 districts for evangelization. Crusades, camps etc are launched by the youth department and various departments raise money for evangelism. There is also a school of Theology at Fundong, Baptist Evangelical School of Theology (BEST). The present director is Rev. Suuh Joel.

Other Departments of CNBC are

– The Men’s Missionary Union, chairmaned by Mr. Ngong Philip

-The Women’s Missionary Union, Chairwomaned by Madame Atah Mercy

-The Youth Department led by Rev. Njung Promise

– The Music Department led by Mrs. Munang Gladys

– ABCD, led by Mr. Kuh Emmanuel as President General, Rev. Teh Francis as Secretary General, Mr. Mbzigha-a Isaiah as General Administrator. Mr. Ngwainbi Simon is the Treasurer General of the Association.


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